gray chicken


10 Years
Sep 26, 2009
'm new to this and hoping someone can help. I "acquired" a chicken, featherd out so no a baby, probably somewhere between 2 - 3 months old, she had been pecked all over her neck and back and gratefully escaped I guess, poor thing. I think she is probably a leghorn, she WAS mostly white. I have been keeping her with the guinea pig for the last few weeks until I can figure out a coop situation..this works as they are both small right now ( the pig is bigger and not very interested in her at all) an d they have an nite cage inside and a run outside onthe grass.

I have fed her oatmeal , store boought chicken feed, flax seed and thrown scraps in there ,apples potatoes etc though she doesnt seem to eat t hose more. She is now turning a dirty gray, thought otherwise seems healthy....what is the deal with that?

Maybe she is a mutt and is developing her adult colors?

If you can post pics, you'd probably get a lot more feedback.

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Yes pictures would help.

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