Gray Showgirl, Black Sizzle, & Partridge Silkie

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    Sep 1, 2010
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    I have one Gray (w/ flecks of white showing) Showgirl which I believe may be a cockerel; however, he/she isn't showing much of a comb or wattles at this point, but the topknot is definitely looking like a male (but you never know with silkies)! This little guy is approx. 4 mo. old-very pretty, but lacking the turquoise ears. [​IMG]

    Black Sizzle pullet...hatched from eggs I purchased which were supposed to be sizzles, but she's looking more like a frizzle cochin! Very pretty girl approx. 4 mo. old. [​IMG]

    Partridge Silkie pullet (non-bearded). Nice silkie, but I'm more favorable of bearded, so in order to make room in the coop for my favorites, a few have got to go! [​IMG]

    Pickup only in the Bluegrass state!
    Email or pm with any questions!
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