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    What would cause a young 6 -8 week old pullet to have VERY watery gray feces? It is so wet that her butt and tail feathers are soaking wet. She has decent weight (little thin) and starting to be more active. I have her on vitamin water (1st time tonight) , tetracycline (started on Sunday) and Solumet (started tonight) I figured I might as hit is hard. Her appetite seems to adequate.

    Thanks in advance
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    Quote:I don't know if i would be dosing so much. maybe do one at a time, do you have reason to believe she has cocci? or is she showing other symptoms and thats why you have her on Tetracycline. If you could take a stool sample to your vet they can tell you if sshe has cocci. here is the poop chart look at it then post back and tell us what you think.
  3. Aves

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    I received her from a friend a few days ago. She had watery feces then, and that is why she was given to me at no charge. We weren't sure if she'd survive and I still am not sure, so I am over treating her in hopes of hitting something. The tetracycline was given based on the advice of the friend who gave me the chick, She knows more about chickens than I do. The truth is I actually haven't seen her feces on the ground, just on her butt end.

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    Quote:Trim her feathers [the fluff] around her bottom, alot of us do that to keep things from getting messy. as far as hitting it hard thats up to you, I am just saying it's hard on the bird too. I think I would try getting some kind of probiotic into her for her gut. I just read somewhere that hot weather can give them watery poo. has it been extremely hot where you are? did you look at the poop chart?
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  5. Aves

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    yes, I did look at the poop chart and thank you for that, The closest I would think is the kidney damage one. That may be the case since she is so young. What is a probiotic and where do I get this? FleetFarm? Will yogurt work?

    Thnaks for your help!

  6. Miss Lydia

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    Quote:You can get probiotics at feed store it comes in a powder. and you can use plain yogurt or buttermilk or kefir. I'm sorry to hear it could be kidneys.
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    Consider liver damage which could be from Mareks.
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    Quote:The heat can cause watery diarrhea. Trim feathers around her rear as Miss Lydia stated. Stop ALL treatments...feed her starter/grower feed ONLY and provide freshwater only. Visually inspect her for lice/mites.
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    Thank you for the pooh chart link. Very helpful.

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