Great 2 day after rescuing 5 leghorns that eat their eggs .......

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    ...... My black australorps start to eat theirs , they are not in the same coop at all . Does anyone have plans for a egg roll back nest ?? If not ill start creating today !

  2. WestKnollAmy

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    I rehomed a Silkie hen that I caught doing that. I kept wondering why there were so few eggs so I sat all day one day and watched.
    She knew as soon as they left the nest and got in their to those eggs every time. She was one of my favorites but I couldn't stand it! As much as I feed these critters and she wanted to do that. I tried the golf ball and the mustard filled egg but she could tell and I never got her broke so she went for a back yard pet that is just gorgeous to look at and love on.
    I know if I were to make a nest box with a roll back I would just tilt the bottom board and cushion the back with indoor/outdoor carpet outside the box. I'm not so good at explanations but it is in my head.
    Wouldn't you just want to leave a gap about an inch and a half and put a lip on the down side of the box but the entire length? Geez, I just can't seem to say it to make any sense![​IMG]
  3. gottalovemychickens

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    i understand what you are talking about seriously . Yea im going to try that today , the thing i the nests i have weigh 200lbs put together and id hate to tear the whole thing down ya know
  4. Songster

    Dec 4, 2008
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    I feel your pain and am in the same boat: huge/expensive mess to tear it all apart but I've got egg eaters too. Almost all of my Black Stars do it and some of the Astrolorps.

    I have three golfballs in there and an antique porcelain doorknob (hoping to give em a headache when they peck [​IMG] ) but it doesn't really work.

    Only thing that (crosses fingers) seems to help for mine is to nab them in the process, scream at them like a banshee (that may just make me feel better, I dunno), and toss them into isolation for 2 weeks.

    When they go back to the main flock they're on the bottom and too busy getting their feathered butts kicked to eat eggs.

    At first. I caught one at it again the other night, so she's off in Mom Hates You Land.

    Please post your egg box solution when you get it! In the meantime I'm paying them off like they're the Mafia: treats every two hours.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I was talking about building new ones in addition to what you have but in another pen where you could throw any egg eaters you think you may have. But yelling like a banshee works for me!
  6. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    Hi, folks! Egg eating is a bad can be caused from many things, but it IS curable! It takes dedication and time...but it works. I've done it. Try using the "search" button above and searching for "egg eating" in this section - you'll find many posts and lots of info. about it! GOOD LUCK!

    Here is a recent thread:
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    At first. I caught one at it again the other night, so she's off in Mom Hates You Land.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Wow, I love how you put that. After all the time I've been waiting for eggs I better not find any featherheads with egg on their face! If they do I'll be sharpening up the axe and singing, "On that morning, when your life is over, you'll fly away...." (for the record, I'm not mocking that song, in fact I love it, just had to put that in so no one gets mad at me)​

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