Great Book for a Winter Read-Author owns CHICKENS! :)

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by DuckLady, Oct 27, 2008.

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    I met this author, Amanda Morgan, an Oregonian local to Portland. She was doing a book signing at a craft fair this weekend and I bought her book and read it during slow times and at night. I finished it Sunday. At times I was so engrossed I didn't hear customers come up to my booth! [​IMG]
    Her book is great! If you order it through her website here
    She will autograph it for you.
    Her characters own chickens. Better yet, the AUTHOR owns chickens. [​IMG]

    or you can buy it through amazon

    She could use some sanctuary. Somewhere to rest.. Archaeologist Jill Reade lives life on the fast-track, racing from deadline to deadline with little sleep. In fact, the only slow thing in her existence is her old dog, Trilby. Then one morning she receives a startling phone call from attorney Lane Bragg, who informs her that Miss Alice Norman, a woman Jill has only met once, has died and left her a bed-and-breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Exasperated by yet one more thing to do, Jill decides she should at least go look the place over. After all, there's a lot of local history and legend surrounding Belle's Creek Station, and that appeals to her archaeological mind. It's also right on the border of the National Forest, where her next job site is. What she discovers in the small mountain community will cause her to question everything she holds dear.including her own independence. A spell-binding tale set against the vivid backdrop of the Pacific Northwest​
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    "Heron", Catherine Goldhammer, from the other site just had another book come out...
    She wrote "Still Life with Chickens".

    I'll have to check it out, Terrie.
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    Quote:I heard that, from a daughter of one of the Moon women! It's so neat to have someone so close to home writing books like Still Life with Chickens. I'm anxious to read her next one!

    And Terri, that book sounds so interesting - why can't I have some long lost someone leave me a B&B somewhere up in Maine or something? Oh well, we can dream via books! [​IMG]
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    Sep 24, 2008
    thanks for the info.[​IMG]

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