Great Buckeye Cockerel for Urban Dweller

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    7 month old Buckeye Cockerel with non-functioning crower

    Otherwise, he is pretty normal and looks good.

    I don't know the cost of shipping a grown bird or the cost of the box to ship him (I may still have one for that but he may be too big-- he is probably about 6 lbs) -- so whatever it is to whereever you are--. And I haven't sold anything here before-- thought it was a matter of just posting. This is a rooster for the urban dweller.

    I know I would have loved to have had him when I was in the city and had to get rid of my rooster because of a complaining neighbor. Ultimately, this caused me to pay plenty to renovate my city house, list it on the real estate market, sell it & then hunt and find a country house & wind up buying a more expensive house in the country. You thought your chickens were expensive?!

    I'm happier but know it is not possible for everyone so if some urban dweller wants to enjoy the beauty of a rooster & have him for their city hens & not have to worry about bothering neighbors-- this one will do it. My Buckeye roosters, generally, are very protective of their hens especially as they get past 1 year old. Mine have attacked stray cats and dogs & chased hawks.

    I'd prefer someone pick up the non-crowing cockerel, and I not have to ship him. The cockerel does make a noise but it is a pathetic squeak and not really discernible as a crow nor very audible. Your neighbors won't hear him.

    I'll post a picture when I get it. (ACTUAL SHIPPING COST & COST OF BOX TO BE PAID BY BUYER)
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    OMG! Is this real?
  3. tamberlin

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    Nov 18, 2010
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    If this is for real, I wish you were closer!

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