Great CL deal on playhouse/coop near Fort Knox, KY


10 Years
Nov 22, 2009
Western NC
Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!! My husband went over and picked it up this morning! It was a long way (about 7 hours) but he just spent $375 to build a coop half that size so he saw right away it was worth the trip. He says it's nothing fancy but there's no rot and it should make a much nicer coop than the one he was building. And we're gonna need it, we've got chicks, ducklings and goslings in brooders, and 30 guinea keets coming this week. I can be painting and fixing up this coop while he builds the little one. Best of all, now we can get those messy ducks off my kitchen counter!

THANK YOU!!! I'm so grateful!!

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