Great Dane verses a BA Pullet... am I treating her correctly?

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    The pullet lost but she's doing okay. She's almost 11 months old. Thankfully she has/had a lot of feathers to protect her for the most part. Mostly feathers missing on her back and tail, but one area did rip the skin back. A good sized section under her wing, about 2" x 5" or so.

    I removed as many loose feathers as I could, washed w/ peroxide and then put neosporin on her bare area. I made her a scrambled egg and she's eating and drinking just fine. I've got her in the outdoor run/dog kennel, as I can't tell her apart from the other birds due to her feathers... You can't see anything wrong w/ her until you move feathers or her wing. I'm going to put her in a dog crate inside the coop so she's not outted by the flock. We have 25 birds.

    Is there anything else I can do for her? She's such a trooper. I found her hiding under some tall grass and when I finally was able to get her out she screamed bloody murder, I'd never heard them make that sound... I simply held her gently close to my coat (it's 3 degrees w/ a wind chill of -6) and talked real softly to her to calm her and after that she was quiet. She remained quiet as I was assessing her injuries.

    I still need to find the other birds... I had about 10 others MIA after I found her and two others hiding in tall grass not injured, thankfully.

    Dang dog and dang BF for not checking all doors in the coop at bedtime last night!!!! GRRRR
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    Apparently I wasn't or the damage was more severe that I suspected. She passed away today. :( She did lay an egg for me yesterday.... unfortunately, it was her last. sigh....

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