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    So hubby wants a great dane. Im going to start looking into them. So does anyone have one? Would you ever get another one? Any big health probelms other then normal big dog ones? Could we see some pictures please? Do they do will mostly outside? We are working on a new improved dog barn. Any bloodlines to stay a way from? I grew up with newfoundlands and mastiffs so big dogs are just part of the family.
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    I think they are wonderful dogs.
    We fostered a Deutsche Dogge a few years ago. We had to amputate his tail as he had happy tail and it kept getting worse no matter what we tried. Exposed bone and flesh falling off and he was off to the vet. It was very rapid progression to that point. We would have kept him but for the fact he had one quirk, he wouldn't go into the backyard to go potty. We had a large yard too! He had natural ears that just flopped. People still feared him because of his size. We took him to festivals and walks downtown. People would want to take pictures with him. lol
    I don't think we will ever have another in our home though. The slobber on the ceiling kinda turns me off. lol But for those that don't mind it I say get one!
    Can't help with breeders. We were living in Germany.
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    Jul 1, 2007
    IL side of the QCA
    Yeah it will ooutside most of the time. I have one room in my house the dogs can go in but thats it.
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    Sep 4, 2007
    I have two, Havoc is 10 and Iris is 7. We are dealing w/ old age issues w/ Havoc right now, I know he's not going to make it to 11. I have to admit watching him go through it makes me hessitant to have another, and knowing Iris is close on his heals (she'll be 8 in Nov, but really healthy right now). But yes, when it's all said and done I'd probably have another! My sister wants me to get a mantle, I'd love a blue or light marked brindle, so we will see. And both mine are house dogs so can't help w/ that.
  5. Dar

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    Jul 31, 2008
    this is a friends dog bronx he is a mastiff dane mix.... his is just so loveable and his best friend is the cat and my min pins

    Bronx drops his land mines out side and almost never barks .. I just love him...

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    Quote:I have a hard time with this logic. I don't understand why your husband would want a dog, especially a breed that gets so bonded, and then keep it outdoors. Dane's have very little coat to keep them warm so if you do indeed invest in this dog and then choose to make it an out door pet then I really hope you life in a near-tropical climate.
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    Apr 27, 2010
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    Danes are best kept as indoor dogs with plenty of outdoor access. They are very sensitive, family orientated dogs, keeping them outside 24/7 is not recommended for a dog like that. Not only because of the short coat, but also because of their 'I want my mommy and daddy' like personalities. They need to be 'with the people' and most of all, they need their couch!

    I've had one Dane before, and my dad has kept several over the years. I currently have a Dane x Boxer girl, she's built more like a Dane, just much more athletic and energized.

    The Dane that I had was an absolute fiasco. It was my 'mom's dog', so I couldn't train her, play with her, or bond with her. On top of that, she came from a backyard breeder who had absolutely horrible breeding stock and awful puppies.
    But, not my dog.

    Things ask, and to watch for:
    -Are the puppies sick?

    -Do the puppies come running, happy and playful?

    -Are the puppies kept outside or inside? Are they in a pen? If so, is it clean and warm? Do they have toys, fresh water, good puppy sized food, and soft places to lay?

    -Have the puppies had their dew claws removed?

    -Have the puppies been seen by a vet? Have they had their first shots?

    -When holding a puppy, does he or she seem alert, happy, and healthy? Or does he/she seem listless, uninterested, or scared?

    -Is the puppy mouthy and nosy when held? Does it come right up to you and get into your business? (dominate)

    -Or is the puppy more quiet, does he/she take some coaxing to come up to you?

    -How are the parents? Do they alert when you come to the door? Are they friendly and socialized? Do they run all over the owner, or are they respectful and obedient?

    -Have the parents been screened for hip dysplasia?

    -Do the parents appear to be healthy, with shiny coats? Are they thin or ribby? Do they have goopy eyes, walk with a limp, or seem to have weak legs?.

    -Are the parents ear's cropped? If so, do they appear to be clean and cared for? If their natural, are they normal sized, with no swelling or unusual smell? (ear infection)

    -Are the parents nails kept short and neat?

    -Is it a large breeder, with many dogs, or is it a small breeder with few dogs? Regardless of the size, will the breeder allow you to see where the breeding stock normally sleeps? Is it clean, warm, well lighted, with soft places to sleep?

    -Are the parents kept up to date on shots and wormer?

    -Is the breeder patient and talk at length about his or her dogs, pups, and facility's?

    -Does he/she seem open and friendly?

    -Do they seem to be rushing a sale, or do they talk with you about your lifestyle and recommend a pup? Do they explain anything about their dogs and puppies?

    -When asked, do they recommend a food, possibly even writing it down for you or offering to send an empty bag? Do they explain why they personally prefer that particular food, or do they just vaguely say 'well, this one seems to be working'

    -Do they take you on a tour of the facility's? Or do they keep you firmly planted in one area?

    -Do they introduce you to the breeding stock? Do they talk about the parents and introduce you to them? Do they talk about past litters they have had?

    -Do they mention any health defects or problems? Are they open about it when asked, or do they seem to avoid the question?

    -Do they breed as soon as a new grump comes into heat, or do they wait until they're grown and ready?

    The breeder our Dane came from didn't have one good thing about them, their pups, or their stock.
    On the other hand, I know of a Labrador breeder who could literally talk for an hour on why she feeds this particular feed and how much. She'll also merrily take you on a tour of all her facility's, introduce you to all of her dogs (breeders, AND puppies they've kept and are now grown). Give you a complete rundown on each dogs medical history, match you to a pup, and talk with you about past litters and how their doing today. Her dogs are respectful, clean, well cared for, and very calm and obedient. The only Lab she has with the classic 'overactive hyper drive' is a chocolate from a different bloodline. They got her in trade for stud service (they have a beautiful white lab stud, Barney, I could cuddle him all day), yet she's still respectful of your personal space and doesn't jump.
    The breeder recently neutered and spayed her breeding stock (retained pups where already neutered or spayed) and got out of breeding. Just getting to old for 24 hour puppy watch [​IMG] how she managed to that is beyond me.

    Don't go with the first puppy you see. Shop around. You'll be much happier in the end that you did.
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    Great Danes are very very social dogs. They do not do well away from their people. An ethical breeder will not sell to anyone who plans on placing one of their pups in the backyard. If the breeder doesn't care or says that their dogs do just fine, to me that screams... "Show me the money" and nothing else.

    We just adopted a GD. She is very wonderful. However, she does have issues with seperation anxiety. Not all will suffer from this, but she does NOT like to be alone or seperated from her family.

    Here is a great forum, I just joined, that has a ton of info on the GD. They are super nice and very helpful.
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    You may want to talk to a Dane Rescue group to be sure a Dane is right for you and if so, adopt a dog in need.[​IMG]

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