Great day at the dressage show!!

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    My daughter (11 yrs) had her first real dressage show. She has been doing schooling shows for the last year and taking lessons for four yrs. She got a 1st & 3rd, but the best part is she got two qualifying scores for the Jr. Championships in N. CA (CDS).
    We are very excited!!!

    Her and Lance taking a water break.

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    Congrats! My oldest daughter showed H/J for a few years, but my youngest has decided her purpose in life is to be a cheerleader [​IMG]. I love having and showing horses - horse people are some of the nicest people.
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    Jul 26, 2010
    Pony looks like a darn good mover and love daughter's position as well as her look of confidence!
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    I'm sure all of you are very proud! [​IMG]
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    Sep 23, 2009
    Quote:agreed. Plus size wise they are just perfect.
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    Thanks everyone we are very proud of her. She has worked her tail off, she just loves it and she loves him. She is a very confident rider. She was not nervious about riding the test but I was very very nervious about reading her the test (my first time in front of people)!!
    Yes he is a very good moving pony. She loves riding Lance and has a great trainer.
    The judges remarks were that they are a well matched pair and a pleasing combination. We had a great judge today!!
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    Congrats, always like to see the kids getting involved with equines, no matter the event or discipline.

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