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  1. So, took off to the drag boat races at Camp Far West over this Fathers Day weekend . . .
    When I got back, I had 4 quail eggs waiting for me!

    My coturnix just hit the 7 week mark today.
    Of course Im not sure who is laying, and I really want to check fertility but Ill wait.

    Imma go cook these 1st 4 eggs up for a nice egg sandwich, and hopefully Ill keep getting more and more.

    It just goes to show, a watched pot never boils, or in this case . . . a watched quail never lays [​IMG]
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  2. And just looked at my incubator, got 18 chukar pips so far, out of I think 75(maybe 65 I forget) eggs.
    Everytime I look theres more pips!

    The pheasants havent pipped yet, but I expect them to shortly, only 14 of them and theyre jumbo ringneck.

    All these gamebird eggs that are hatching are from a local lisenced breeder here, they were scrubbed, sterilized, and disinfected by him.
    They were also refrigerated before I got them.
    Had good strong embryos in all candled eggs all along, Ive candled most chukar eggs and could see thru a couple pheasant eggs.

    I am very excited, and will definately get more eggs from my new gamebird buddy!
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    wooot! victorious!
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    I don't have quail, chukars or pheasants, but congrats! You must be so excited!
  5. 27 chukar pips now, that almost 1/2.

    Pheasants prolly wont start till tomoro . . .
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    Awesome!!! on both the eggs and the pips!! you are gonna have a ton of little ones running around!!! Mine, I'm pretty sure are not gonna hatch. Like I said, I was watching only one of my three thermometers after I was SURE they were all saying the same [​IMG] but I'm pretty sure the temps were at 104 the whole first few weeks. Oh well, Let me know when you go visit your game bird buddy again... that is if you don't mind, I'd love to try again! I've heard nothing but good things about chukar meat!
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    Cool, on the Quail egg sandwich. I'm going to try soft boiling my first eggs.

    We want to see pictures of those Chukar babies. Thought about getting some, but I think I need a license for them and didn't want to mess with it but I might. Will probably have to mess with paperwork, for my Muscovies so might as well get the Chukars, too.
  8. 8 are out, and most chukar eggs are pipped now.
    Have a few that are zipping away as we speak . . .

    Still nothing from the pheasants.

    My poor camera is so dead it wont take anymore pics, and the charger got melted.
    I need to stop buying eggs so I can buy a charger.
    Ill see what I can do . . . my phone camera sucks but might have to suffice.
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  10. So far, it has been going great!
    Got 25 little guys out and running, the rest are all pipped and/or zipped(execpt for 6).

    I was very sceptical also, but the breeder kept reassurring me on all my incessant phone calls about it, so I took his word for it- hes been doing it for 32 years after all . . .

    I want to call him and see if he will tell me the temp of his fridge, I know the eggs were cold when he handed them to me, and he said to leave out for 24 hrs to let them come back up to room temp.

    I call him now and see if he will tell me temp . . . brb

    Message left, Ill update when he calls me back.
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