Great Gardening Boots?


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Aug 4, 2020
Hello All I am looking for a really good waterproof gardening boot preferably mid height pull on. I have done some research but all of them I have found have good and bad reviews like the Muck boot which I am told dont last very long maybe a year 2 at the most. Maybe thats the best I can hope for but I wanted to ask yall here that have experience with these things and hopefully offer me some advice or choices I hadn't heard about.?


Crossing the Road
5 Years
Feb 17, 2015
Kitsap County, Western Washington
I had a pair of Muck boots which were very good, lasted for years and as my mother used to say, I am hard on shoes. They were mid level slip ons, they were a silly plaid pattern but they worked really well so I didn’t mind. They don’t make them anymore or I’d have another pair.
I had some bogs a number of years ago and they weren’t nearly as well built.
This year I found some at a nursery Western Chief seem to be very well made half the price of Muck but we’ll see how they hold up. I just don’t understand rubber boots over $100!

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