Great horned owl. Dag nabbit!


Rube Goldberg incarnate
9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Western Washington
My son heard a commotion last night, so I headed out towards the pens, only to see a huge winged beast fly up from one of my pheasant pens. Apparently one of the hens decided to sleep against the 1"x1" galvanized fencing. Looks like I'll be doing a small upgrade to the fence tonight. Oh well, I have another 48 pheasants ready for hunting season. I guess they are do one once in a while.
I am sorry. You would think that our birds would understand that being in where it is safe is better but no.... Hopefully the owl will not come back!
As a kid, and yes that was ages ago, I raised pheasants for sale to hunting clubs. My pens were large mesh wire and the GHO would work in pairs hitting the pens and getting the pheasants to fly into the wire. Any part of the pheasant that extruded through the wire, generally the heads, was taken off by the GHO. This was back in simpler times when there was a far more simple solution to the problem.

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