Great! I think my snowy call duckling killed it's leg

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    Ok so yesterday evening my husband goes down to take care of our ducklings and discovers that one had it's leg twisted back and 90 degrees so that it was stuck between the body and the thigh with the bottom of the foot facing up. How this happened or for how long it was like that I haven't a clue. the only obstacle in the brooder is the waterer. We untwisted the leg and it was swollen and a pinkish white color. This morning it is looking a little less swollen and a little more the normal color. So far the duckling is unable to move the leg. Hopefully it will straighten out and I won't need to cull it.
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  2. Oh no! sorry this has happened to the baby. [​IMG] but I got an idea that i've read on here before...

    use a little bit of cardboard (cut 2 small pieces the length of leg) and tape it on the leg as a splint. It won't heal correctly if you leave it be, and it will probably be lame in that leg and you'll cull it. splinting it isn't a cure, but it gives the leg a chance to stay stable and in the right pose to heal correctly.
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