Great news for Central WV! Looks like a Spring Chicken Stock in Putnam


10 Years
Aug 8, 2009
Teays Valley, West Virginia
We're working with the Tractor Supply in Teays Valley to bring a Chicken Stock in! Anyone out there interested???
I am game!! Any idea when it would be held? I have quite a few critters to bring Quail, chickens, ducks rabbits mealworms new caging etc etc I beleive there is one in martainsburg the last saturday of april. I will be at that one as well . Also if you need any help with anything let me know, i am there several times a month.
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Oh, I think it would do well. We had to wait on the harvest season to be over with to be able to sit down and talk with TSC to get a date set and start the planning. My market just ended Saturday the 30th. Last meeting is Nov 7th for it. After that, Derika (lady from TSC Teays Valley) and I will be planning! Yaye!

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