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    Hello Everyone,
    Great news .... we have GPs for sale ready in 6 weeks. I know so far we have two females the others we are not sure yet as this is a new mom and we don't want to stress her. So I'll let you know what we have. There are 7 total. Parents are great dogs around chickens, ducks, cat, goats, horses, ponies and there was a cow but he is gone now. Our neighbor has sheep which I have to admit they go over and protect them too if they hear coyotes. They should turn out to be wonderful dogs. This is our first litter with this female but third with our malel and we still get people email the great updates about how those dogs are doing. I put the shipping as 300.00 dollars as that was what it was the last time I shipped them with all that one has to have. Pick-up would be different and the price for shipping may change do to the airlines(which I have no control over too bad though right? I would love to fly for 10.oo bucks any day of the week.) Okay try to post picture soon.
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    Apr 21, 2009
    DJ, Alaska
    Do you have pics of the parents and past litters from your male? Have they had their elbows and hips certified? Are they AKC or CKC? Where the grandparents working dogs or show? Thanks for the time to answer all the questions.
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    Not AKC or CKC just working dogs from lines that were AKC. I may still have pictures of the past litter on my photobucket if not there they are lost I feel as our computer crashed(I always forget to back stuff up). No the hips and elbows are not certified.
    There are 5 girls and 2 boys all have some badger spots some just more than others. I know some like them solid white while others like badger spots. Anyway will try to get pictures by this weekend....Christmas stuff is really keeping me busy.

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