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We live on 3 acres, 1/3 of it is wooded, we currently have no need to use that part so it remains wooded. It Aldo across canal and sand road from our main property. We have hens, roosters, fainting goats and adding ducks this year. We also have a pair of GP's who are a year and a half old. They are doing a great job (even though young) at patrolling (fully fenced) our property. We have raccoons, possum, skunk ect and also Bobcats and coyotes.

Until recently we did not leave the GP's out over night, mainly because of their age. We have over time extended their stay out by turning them out in the early morning and leaving them out later in the evening. The past two nights they have been left out all night. Until last night when a neighbor reported them for barking!

It is not like they bark non stop all night, they patrol the fence line and spend a lot of time laying/sleeping on the porch of an out building. When they hear something they bark, it is what they suppose to do, it is why we have them after all.

They are never out of the fenced area for any reason. If we take them anywhere they are on leash & loaded in my truck inside the garage. Our other 2 dogs are never out of our fenced areas either. Our neighbor on the other hand has no problem letting their dog run unwatched where it corners us on our property and growls & is fence aggressive towards everything we have. Of course the neighbor does not have a fence so their dog goes where she wants.

Unless we can get photos date & time stamped of their dog running loose there is nothing we can do. They however can call and complain daily for our dogs doing their job of protecting our goats and birds.

Why do "city"/"HOA" wanting people move to county land zoned AG and expect everyone to conform to their wants? We now have to lock the GP's up every night and just hope nothing attacks during the night.
Same thing happens folk moving out to the country and then complain about everything that is "country." I would have cameras at the ready and start snapping pictures of their dogs roaming freely. Wouldn't they have to have proof of your dogs creating a disturbance at night anyhow??? As long as the barking is not continuous, how can it be considered a disturbance??? Have you recieved notice, or are you just keeping them in on your own???
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No a very polite sheriff stopped by at midnight last night. He didn't believe me when I said they arent even two yet. He also said if they are left out we can be fined! We didn't get them to be house pets, tried explaining their job, he said it did not matter. Looked up the laws and they are vague. Any barking that is bothersome to another. Really? We hear a dog about a half mile away nightly and think nothing of it.

He explained the neighbors had a right to complain if it keeps them from sleeping at night. I explained my husband is Active Duty (ir force) we are up at 4:30 daily, and have. New born in the house. We all sleep FINE, even leaving windows open at night.

Neither GP barks non stop, but they do bark (dogs do that) and there are two of them and I doubt I can train them to only ever bark at the same time.

Hope they like hubby shooting his gun in the night when their is a predator, and all of the lights we are about to install. Yes planning on putting in two or three game cameras as well.
Ya might as well not have a GP if it can't be out at night, thats when the wild critters are out creeping around, the barking dogs keep them away.

Mabe you can buy them a fan, that helps drown out the noise but i wonder what kinda house they live in that a dog barking on 3 acres can keep them up at night.
I would definitely look deeper into the laws. Agriculture property may have different rules that would primarily allow you to protect your livestock using traditional methods. If you could talk to a local judge, all the better. He or she may be able to point you in the right direction. The sheriff may be well meaning but may not know the law fully where it applies to livestock protection. The whole point of having an LGD is for it to be outside guarding and barking is a part of that behavior.

Typical of city folk: call the authorities before having a conversation about it. I used to live in the suburbs of NYC. Neighbors don't even look at eachother. Sad.
I know, I am beyond irritated over this. This couple use to live beachside (literally on the beach) and wanted more space, but want lawns to look like those gated neighborhoods. They are also in their 60's she drives a jaguar for her car. They have a lawn crew, cleaning lady, handy man, pest control company that sprays 4 times a year. I don't think they do nothing themselves. Yep that's what I am dealing with.

Looked up laws this morning, it is generic, nothing written residential vrs Ag, or the protection of livestock. Hoping animal control can clarify for me today since they will be coming out.
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Try contacting the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs. Someone there might be able to point you in the right direction.

Don't just rely on the info you get on the web. The mutliple household law would require several neighbors to sue jointly and the consecutive disruption law may not apply to your jurisdiction or be superceded by other local agricultural ordinances.

Don't give up. Find a law student to do a Westlaw or LexisNexis search for you.
I live on a hundred acres thats been in our family for three generations. I moved here last year & I've always loved the country. Well, the first three months it was great no neighbors life was good. I wake up one morning to the sound of heavy equipment beep beep crush crush. I find out their building a neighbor hood next to me. I really don't want to move because I've built two coops a nice garden etc. I do not understand why people ruin good farming land. Where I live its mainly hay & cattle. Guess, I'll let the proberty value rise & move again. I'm getting to old to build more coops & gardens etc. But theres no way I'm living next to 20 or more neighbors.
a few years ago there were some people who purchased a new home built on land that backed up to a PIG FARM. The people who bought the house took the pig farmer to court to make them shut down the farm because it smelled bad in the warm weather temps.
Do some people just have NO SENSE at all? Fortunately the judge did it right and pretty much laughed the homeowners right out of court.
Honestly ,what did those folks think ...that PIGS don't smell in 90* temps. ? LOL
Found nothing on our county site other than the neighbors have a right to complain about the barking andvwe can be fined.

So far nothing on state Ag site to help. Waiting for animal control to come out. Maybe they can help, but not counting on it.

Sadly the same neighbors let their dog run all over not fenced, notbleashed and she is not friendly.

Told hubby I am tempted to print regs with fines and walk to all 4 homes here on our road, this way everyone is aware of what "according to county laws" they are in violation of with their dogs and the fines. 2 neighbors let dogs run loose, 1 is people aggressive, 1 is a known animal killer (admitted by owner she has killed cats) the other has a chow they can't keep inside their fence.

We are fenced, keep our animals inside the fence and love animals. Wish people would stop moving "out" only to try and change the laws in the country.

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