Great stuff for chickens coops and its free!

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    The day after our local election here last week, I drove around and picked up several of those candidate election signs that are printed on corrugated plastic and posted all over the place before elections. They are proving to be very useful in the coop. They make great droppings boards as they are slick and easy to clean. They are lightweight dividers, good for shade, easy to cut into any shape....I find them much easier to handle, store and cut than wood as you only need a craft knife and staple gun as well as some imagination. With some creative cutting and stapling I had a nest box! To buy the corrugated plastic is quite expensive, so I figured I was helping to clean up the neighborhood and saving myself some money. Give it a try![​IMG]
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    Jun 21, 2009
    That is a great idea:

    Also Ask the local bakery for icing buckets, I have had the best luck from Walmart and WinDixie - I get them in lots of sizes and use them for waterers and feeders and storers of feed. We chopped a large one in half and made a nest box. FREE IS GOOD!
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    Quote:They work well for some insulation as well. Seal the edges with duct tape.
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    I love being able to recycle!! Great ideas!

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