Great Turkey Taming Trick

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by trailchick, Aug 25, 2011.

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    I have one turkey that I hatched early in the summer. Lost all the other mates from what I think was a bull snake.
    Caught the snake and hauled him 2 miles down the road - didnt want to kill it because they do kill the abundant prairie rattlers we have here.
    We also have a big grasshopper problem this year & I am not ready to let this guy (I think its a tom) out yet to free range until I get more of his kind to be with him. I started catching grasshoppers in the garden, then take them one at a time, to the fence of the pen, call out "Here, Turkey!", plop the grasshopper into the pen! It took about 3 grasshoppers for him to figure this trick out! After a good dozen he is waiting at the fence & watching for me & the grasshoppers to come! IT is such a hoot! Wish I could jsut let him out into the garden, but worry about him flyin off (dont think he is a meat turkey).
    Anyway it is an idea for those who want to get their bird a little more friendly, if you arent afraid of catching a few hoppers. My chickens & peas dont go after them like this guy does!
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    Aug 8, 2011
    fun story! [​IMG]
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    The grasshoppers around here avoid the turkey pen. I can not chase them in that direction and the ones that i catch fly away as soon as they are dropped in the pen.
    You are very good at catching grasshoppers, it took me forever to catch the 1st one using a net.

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