Greatest wife EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sharon won free tickets to the New Bern, NC first ever beer fest. If you guys never hear from me again after Saturday the 26th just know I gave it my all. [​IMG]

    Dancing Steve

    -Brewery List-

    Below is the current confirmed list of breweries attending as of 31 May:
    Abita Brewing Company
    Atwater Block Brewery
    Big Boss Brewing Company
    Blue Moon Brewing Company
    Blue Point Brewing Company
    Boston Beer Company
    Boulder Beer Company
    Brooklyn Brewery
    Carolina Beer Company
    Clipper City Brewing Company
    Craggie Brewing Company
    Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery
    Foothills Brewing
    Front Street Brewery
    Gordash Brewing Company
    Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
    Green Mountain Beverage
    Ham's Restaurant and Brewhouse
    Highland Brewing Company
    Huske Hardware House
    Kind Beers
    Kona Brewing Company
    Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
    Lonerider Brewing Company
    Magic Hat Brewing Company
    Matt Brewing Company
    Michelob Brewing Company
    Mother Earth Brewing Company
    Natty Greene's Pub and Brewing Company
    New Belgium Brewing Company
    Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
    Orange Blossom Pilsner LLC
    Pyramid Brewing Company
    R.J. Rockers Brewing Company
    Redhook Ale Brewery
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
    Smuttynose Brewing Company
    St. George Brewing Company
    Stoudts Brewing Company
    Sweetwater Brewing Company
    Thomas Creek Brewing Company
    Weeping Radish Farm Brewery
    Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
    Yuengling Brewery
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    I think we should just call 911 now. But make sure you go to the Yuengling table. That stuff is supposed to be really good. BIL swears by it!
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    I'm not telling my DH about this [​IMG] 'cause he's only getting a fishing reel.
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    OMG - Lucky you! I wanted to go but already have another commitment in VA that day...hmmm, wonder why Stone Brewing is not there?
  6. Wow, that MIGHT be a social function my reclusive DH could get into... *hides this topic*
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    Wow,,, that is totally cool!!!! It's been so nice knowing you!!! When you recover let us know hehehehhehe!!!
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    I'll subscribe to this thread just to hear about the aftermath.

    They serve two-ounce samples....that means you can probably get through most if not all of the vendors there. [​IMG]
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    Speaking of Beer - I just saw a guy go jogging at a rather fast pace with a "double deuce". I wonder if he knows beer isn't the best drink to have when it's 93 outside and you've been "exercising"???
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    Some of those names are hilarious! Duck Rabbit, Weeping Raddish, ...

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