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    May 23, 2011
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    So there are 4 coops between my mom's and mine. Everyone is on the same layer feed except my one coop with BLRWs at about 16 weeks, they are on All Flock at the time. They all get out in the evenings for free ranging and they all return to the correct coop at bedtime.

    The problem is the food. Everyone has to go into someone elses coop and pig out on whatever food is in there, especially the all flock. Is it a curriosity thing or greed? Does anyone else free range multiple flocks and have the same issue?

    Moms Golden Comets are the worse. They will even run the young BLRWs off from their own feed.
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    Quote:Just being chickens. I have two coops with identical food in the same type and number of feeders. Also, same type, color and make of nestboxes. The big girls sneak into the little girls coop to eat, drink and lay eggs, meanwhile the little girls are sneaking into the big girls coop to eat, drink and lay eggs.

    I don't care as long as everyone is fed, happy and healthy.

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