Greedy Emu and New Male!

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    Greedy Emu and New Male!

    I am confused: Greedy has turned up with a male. It’s so tame that I assumed at first sight that it was Boy Emu without the chicks. It came to within fifteen feet of me right off the bat. But it’s not Boy Emu – that is, notwithstanding the absence of the chicks, I think it’s another bird.

    When I’m feeling better, I shall start a register. I have found several times that a bird that I think I know well – like Boy Emu – becomes hard to recognise in a different context.

    (He has markings like ‘speckles’ on his neck. He shall be ‘Speckles.’)

    Hey, Emu Hugger – here is a wild bird on its knees. It’s both a personality trait and a sign of tameness.

    Supreme Emu

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  2. kathyinmo

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    Love the picture! My Fred gets on his knees alot. He is VERY tame!
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    He's a cutie...... :D
  4. Tame Emu Guy

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    Ya know, Emu Hugger, yet another of the things I haven’t paid attention to is the difference in the size of the birds, though I have from the beginning noticed how tall and skinny some birds are.

    Do some birds just have bigger suits of feathers? Or are some substantially larger/heavier? I was over at Oudman’s this week. I saw a bird there that seemed remarkably big -- and remember Dark Emu? It’s the handsomest bird I’ve ever seen. If there were an Emu Show, much as I love G. and F., I’d enter Dark Emu: big, glossy, great body plumage*, and lush and symmetrical feathers on its neck and head.

    The best birds breed first, don't they.

    Supreme Emu

    *Some birds have body feathers that look like feathers. Some birds – like Greedy – have body feathers – particularly on the breast -- that are more so a ratty suit of pinfeathers.

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