GREEDY for eggs and ADDICTED to chickens

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    Jun 5, 2007
    Wasilla, AK
    Hi all. I started out in June w/3 pullets that were eventually murdered by dogs and then replaced w/4 older hens that were aged at about 2/3 years old.

    The problem is that they don't lay very well or maybe this is typical. I get 2 eggs every other day or so. The last 3 days one of them have come back into lay so I am now getting 3 eggs every other day or so. I have 5 growing boys and buy about 3 dozen eggs every 2 weeks. I am adamant in raising my own egg/food source cuz I know the quality and care that goes into my food source. This is one small food source that I feel I can control. I've seen the sites and pics of the commercial egg producers.

    I'd like to add 4 pullets, I currently have 2 Barred Rocks and 2 B.O's. I'd like to add 2 Golden Comets and a Black Sex Link and maybe a Black Australop. I'm looking for excellent, x-lg brown egg layers. Would these be good choices? Right now, I've compared my eggs to the grocers as being a Large grade.

    Thru this site I have learned that my coop needs improvement and that is a daily request for my DH (learned that term from this site also!). So, I plan to make the mods (have them made).

    My question and dilemma is, can I simply add new girls (after expansions) or would it be best to cull these girls? I proposed to add temp quarters for the new pullets (which won't lay till Sept. and I don't want to go that long w/out my own eggs) and then cull the older ones.

    So, in can I easily add new girls and what r the best choices for x-lg, heavy egg producers and BTW does anyone elses significant other think they are obsessed with chickens? What r the symptoms? [​IMG]

    Thanks for any input. BTW, also thru this site I have found a recipe for homemade yogurt which I plan to try out tomm. I gave my girls sour cream today mixed w/cracked corn and they seemed to love it but then scraped their faces in the ground. Is sour cream ok?
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    Any new hens or pullets that you get need to be quarrantined from your current birds for at least 30 days to insure there is no disease or sickness that could spread and cause harm to your current laying hens - not to mention mites or lice, etc.

    After the quarrantine keep the new pullets penned separate form the older hens but in the same area as the older hens so that they can see one another and get used to the idea of other chickens being around. When the new pullets have been around a couple weeks (and have gotten up in size so as to be similar to your current hens) wait until night time when the hens have gone to roost then take the new birds and place them on the roosts also.

    There will be some squabbling as the pecking order is established but it shouldn't be too difficult to integrate new birds into your flock given time.

    The answer to your other question is no you do not have to cull your current hens in order to add to your flock.

    Good luck with your yogurt. I am making a batch this morning.
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    Are you feeding laying mesh. I found that helps.I feed it every day. I have golden comets, 3 that I know of and 5 that look similar.(have more darker brown spots). On average I get 6 to 7 eggs a day. As far as adding new hen to the flock, I've not experienced any problems with this. I just put them in the run. They do get alot of attention for a while but the next day it seems like they have been there all their lives. I suppose different breeds have different ways though. Some one with more experience with the breed that you have could better answer your question.If I was youI would use the comb method to tell when your new chickens are laying and then cull the others. And to respond to the last part of your question. I think 95% of the people who have chickens start out raising them for eggs or meat and then somehow it turns into an addiction and then the next thing you know you are setting outside for hours watching the new babies pecking the ground for the first time. Yes my wife roles her eyes at me all the time over our chickens but she is one of these that will sneek over and check in the baby chick's pen to make sure they are allright when she gets home from work at 11:00 pm.[​IMG]

    Great advise missprissy.

    Symptoms of obsession: Excessive swetting(due to long periods of time outside watching flock), A member of BYC:lol:
    I think we all have it.[​IMG]
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    No, you do not have to cull your current flock in order to add new...just do like Miss says.

    As for the eating of the sour cream then running their beaks in the ground...that's simply them cleaning off their beaks.

    For me, I have 2 Black Australorps, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, and 1 Brahma.

    I am fond of the Rhode Island Red...they lay excellent eggs, and the 2 I've had have been very social.

    My Australorps seem to be laying the largest eggs...comparable to the large browns (but larger) in the grocery store.

    I'm also getting double yolks...something I've not had with my RIRs.

    Now, I have 6 chicks growing...all are hens...the only one I know for sure the mix of is Silver Laced and Buff Orpington...I know they're all Buff Orpington mix (my roo, Billy, was the father), but the other 5 seem like they're all going to be Buff...hilarious!

    However, BO should lay excellent eggs, too, from what I understand.
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    I think you will be very happy with the golden comets. I have 2 and they are excellent layers. I get 12 eggs per week from them. Also they laid all winter long with no additional light. They are also very friendly and calm.

    Also just like the others said you do not have to cull your other birds unless you just want to. And introduce them slowly if that is what you decide to do.

    Addiction is running wild on this site. [​IMG]

    I think my DH is ok with it tho. Even tho he would never admit it.

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