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    My "flock" is small consisting of one Rhode Island Red and one Wyandotte both are pullets, no rooster. The RIR doesn't like to share, scratch, mash or the same roost. The Wyandotte roost at the opposite end of the coop, no big deal I guess. She doesn't bully in the sense of getting physical with the other and they range side by side with no arguing or the likes. I have a Wyandotte roo on the way and will introduce him within the week but I dont think he is going to change her behavior. As long as I dont see any sign of her getting mean she will remain. I am thinking adding a few more hens might be enough to preoccupy her. I just hate not seeing them in harmony. any thoughts[​IMG]

    I get too empathetic and treat the birds too much like children and not critters. Also the RIR stopped laying in the selection of nests and is dropping very early from her roost some dont break some do. but she lays very very early int he morning Im thinking at the break of dawn. The Wyandotte has picked her nesting box and does just fine.
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    There will always be a dominance ranking in any flock. It's just chicken society - think 'mean girls' in high school. One rooster and two hens is not a good ratio. Do not be surprised if initially your dominant hen fights with the rooster.
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    What you are seeing is normal chicken behavior - in every flock there is a pecking order and there is a bird at the top of that order. What seems horrible and cruel through human emotional eyes is natural to them and how order is maintained in the group.
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    Ive had chickens about 5 years now and am familiar with the pecking order of the hens with my Cochins it was subtle they cohabited peacefully, usually we maintained 5 hens with the rooster over the years we would loose one to hawks and finally all have been taken, Ive decided to try the larger breed now still Coopers are large enough to carry a younger hen.

    I noticed today the younger of the two we have now wasn't being pushed about standing her ground a little more so and the Red seemed to get the message the Dotte didn't really get challenging. Im sure they will work it out.

    Its always a learning experience. [​IMG]

    The hawk attacked the Rooster killed him breaking his neck grabbed the white hen and was gone in only a split second I was 20 yards away and it was over before anything could be done. Sad thing to see.

    I saw my friend and he gave me one of his Wyandotte hens, shes the one in the first picture so her and Pumpkin are figuring it out. My friends bringing me a Wyandotte rooster this coming week that will help him reduce his rooster count. He, Mr. Buster, was so gorgeous and Speckles was our very first hen and had been with us from the beginning. She was so sweet.

    I wont keep them if I cant range them and I know the risk. Hawks have not been around regularly and are hard to detect until its too late. I use Owl decoys and it helps. At night they are in the coop that is almost bullet proof and have never lost a bird at night. Dang Hawks
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