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8 Years
This will be a RP about Greek gods, godesses, demi-gods, and mortals. You can send in your forms early to me.

Note: Please read about the god/dess you want to be before making the form.

The gods have done everything they can for the mortals, but they aren't satisfied. They want more, they wish to overthrow the gods. They want the power of the gods. They know that they will die, but they don't care. They will kill the demi-gods first, then the goddesses, the the lesser gods. Then finally, Zeus himself.

Zeus knows their plan. He must act fast. He calls together all the gods and demi-gods. They form a plan to destroy the rebellious mortals.

Who will succeed? The answer is to come...

Here is the form to message to me.

Rank (god, goddess, demi-god, mortal, etc.):
BYC username:


Name: Zeus
Rank: god
Personality: Terrifying, but kind and just.
Other: He is lord of the sky, the rain god. His weapon is a thunderbolt which he hurls at those who displease him. He is also known to punish those that lie or break oaths.
Power: Controls thunder and lightning.
BYC username: LittleLady98

Name: Hera
Rank: goddess
Appearance: Tall beautiful, has long wavy dark brown hair.
Personality: Sweet but strong in what she thinks is right.
Other: Likes power.
Power: Controls water.
Byc username: willowbranchfarm

Name: Persephone
Rank (god, goddess, etc.): goddess
Appearance:Tall and very elegant. Her hair is a deep black color and very curly, normally pulled up in a ponytail.
Personality: A bit controlling, but in the end she's a good person.
BYC username: chickendiva25

Name: Apollo
Rank (god, goddess, etc.): god
Appearance: His features are well chiseled. Not overly muscled, but just enough. His hair is a light sandy blond color.
Personality: Cocky, a bit of a joker. Can be serious at times.
BYC username: chickendiva25

Rank (god, goddess, etc.): God
Appearance: Tall, Muscular, brown hair, brown eyes.
Personality: Likes to Fight in battle. Can be a gentle men.
Other: God of war. Has the power to create warriors. Son of Zeus. Has wings. Can fly.
BYC username: OreoPlymothRock

Name: Hephaestus
Rank (god, goddess, demi-god, mortal, etc.): God
Appearance: A dark haired man who has difficulty walking due to misformed feet.
Personality:kind, friendly, and peaceful. However, he has a very jealous personality and is bitter about how the other gods treat him.
Other: God of fire, he loves to tinker with things. (Unbeknownst to any of the other gods, Hephaestus delights in making intricate animated and inanimate toys, which he secretly delivers to children around Greece. So that he does not scare the children, he wears a bright red suit with white trimming, a similiar soft hat and a big white fake beard. Even though he has his own daughter, he still continues helping other children as well)
BYC username: armdchicken

Name: Venus (Aphrodite)
Rank (god, goddess, etc.): Goddess

Appearance: Long hair that curls, can shine deep brown in some light other times a bright red. Shes beautiful with light hazel eyes
Personality:She is loving, but manipulative, controlling others with her beauty and lover
Other: None
BYC username: CochinBrahmaLover

Name: Dionysus
Rank (god, goddess, demi-god, mortal, etc.): God
Appearance: Handsome, with long, dark, and wavy brown hair, as well as lighter eyes.
Personality: An animated, lively soul. A bit spontaneous at times, but nonetheless an interesting being to stick around.
Other: The God of wine, ritual madness, etc.
BYC username: Zinnia-Hen

Name: Eris
Rank (god, goddess, demi-god, mortal, etc.): Goddess
Appearance: Slender and petite, her hair long and dark.
Personality: Mischevious, enjoys stirring up trouble every so often.
Other: The goddess of discord and strife.
BYC username: Zinnia-Hen

Name: Athena
Rank: Goddess of Wisdom

Personality: Very nice and wise. She has some anger problems. She loves most things.
Other: She is also skilled in the art of war

Name: Dynus R
Rank: Demigod
Appearance: A strong 16-year-old with straight black hair. He usually wears camoflauged pants, an X-Box t-shirt, a black, sleeveless jacket, work boots, and dark sunglasses.
Personality: Kind, but very vicious and snappy in battle.
Other: He is the son of Ares. He has a book that can transform into a one-/two-sided battleax, depending on if the book is open or closed, and a frisbee which turns into a large circular sheild when tossed straight up into the air, and he rides a giant eagle.
BYC username: Superdude327
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