Green Acre Hills Animal Sanctuary RP

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    Please Read First
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    Green Acre Hills Animal Sanctuary RP

    This RP takes place on a 30 acre sanctuary farm for rescue animals. This is a paradise to everything from large draft horses to even the smallest mouse and every domesticated and farm animal in between. Even including the several pocket pets. The animals are loving of their human rescuers and caring to each other knowing the old proverb of Green Acre Hills. 'Little begging make brighter tomorrows.' The animals here work together to make the best life for themselves and putting behind their dark and sad pasts. For here on Green Acre Hills everyone is family.

    (All farm animals, domestic animals, pocket pets, and even reptiles are playable characters here.)

    Brief History:

    Name: Sir Valiant
    Gender: Gelding
    Age: 28
    Species: Horse
    Breed: Shire Horse

    Brief History:Sir Valiant was one of the first animals rescued and brought to Green Acre Hills when it was just a small farm and he was just a young horse. He had been used and abused by his original owners and by the age of only three sold off to the auction. When his fate seemed uncertain the skinny young horse was taken in by the Sanctuary and brought to the farm where he will live out the rest of his days.

    Personality: Sir Valiant is old and wise acting as the guardian over the Sanctuary and the first friend and companion to greet new animals with his welcome party. He is a brave gelding acting as watchful guardian over the other animals. He is up until the last rays of sun hit the final hills of the Sanctuary and wakes before the first rays touch the delicate blades of grass. He is the first face and friendly voice most of the animals have known in Green Acre's and is proud to wear his honor. Valiant truly feels his place was always meant to be here helping other animals get over his dark past and often hiding his own.

    Name: Nelly
    Gender: Hen
    Age: 3
    Species: Chicken
    Breed: Red Sexlink

    Brief History: Originally a battery cage hen Nelly had no idea what grass was on the warmth of the sun or what it was to be a chicken. She suffered many years laying eggs until the day she could no longer lay. Destine to meet her end instead she came into a program that rescued unfortunate hens like her and was shortly adopted by Green Acre Hills. It was a difficult transition moving from life in a cage to wide open fields but the friends she has made on the farm have always helped her overcome her every fear and learn to enjoy her life again.

    Personalty: Nelly is a boisterous hen who is always ready to 'rally' the troops and make new friends. She is one of the first animals to come greet newcomers to the farm and the one friend who always looks to cheer you up. She can be a bit of a scardy cat jumping at every little sound but she doesn't let her past get her down when she has so much to look forward to. Nelly is always good for a laugh and good for a talk when you are feeling down.


    Name: Pippin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 1
    Species: Rat
    Breed: Fancy Rat

    Brief History: Pippin and her siblings were abandoned in a park after her mother turned out to be pregnant and the family who owned her didn't want to keep the babies. Pippin was lucky though as the Sanctuary was soon called to report the baby rats huddled under the bushes in the park and they were all taken in and looked after. Pippin has lived in the Sanctuary since she was a baby and has few memories outside the comforting warmth among her friends.

    Personalty: A very shy and quiet girl one often times has to listen closely to hear anything Pippin has to say. She is very charming and good natured. She enjoys playing out in the fields with her friends and going on adventures inside holes they find on the Sanctuary. She collects random things and keeps them in her 'cuby' in the chicken coop claiming it's a rats nature to have treasures. Pippin enjoys her life in the Sanctuary but has always wanted to find her mother and dreams one day of meeting her again.


    Chapter 1: Sanctuary

    It was the middle of a warm Sunday summers day, just after the mid day feeding and all the animals were going about their business in peace. The paper boy had just come up the driveway to deliver the new paper and the familiar sight of their human's truck pulled into the barnyard with the trailer in tow. This had become a familiar sight to the animals of Green Acre Hills and when the trailer pulled to the barn it meant new friends had arrived. Here at the Sanctuary there was no shortage of new friends ready to come greet you.
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    Age:2 1/2 years
    Brief History:Baby was tourted as a kitten.She was taken away from her mother at th age of 2 weeks and dumped on the side of the road.If that girl that was right there to pick her up she would have died.(true story.Baby was a real cat)
    Personalty:Funny, Sweet, Kind

    Age:5 years
    Brief History:Chara was treated evily by her owner.No grass or shelter or food or water.Then, two girls and there mother and father came and started throwing apples and carrots for her and then she was taken by animal rescue and taken here(true story)
    Personalty:Funny smart

    Name: Blizzy
    Age:3 years
    Brief History:Blizzy was a island fox.Frendly to people and she would always walk up and down the streets.Then one day a cruel man captured her he forced her to we're a chocking collar and she ran away, only to be rescued.
    Personalty: Funny, Sweet, king, a bit of a scardy cat
    Picture:No Picture

    Brief History:Hidden
    Personalty: Sweet, funny, thoughtful/depends/quiet,,thoughtful
    [​IMG](Peacock is Snow, white Muscovy is Sky, and the other Muscovy is Kerik.)
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    All approved, and awww, I am thinking of making my puppymill rescue dog Avalon too xD

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