Green Bean Plants??


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Jun 9, 2009
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Will my chickens eat the plants? I've given them the giant beans that I didn't get to in time and they LOVED them... can I rip up the plants and will they eat them? Just wondering. I'm not a fan of extra work for no reason!
They aren't free range yet, we are building a new chicken coop and once they get used to that I'll probably let them out a bit.....HEY, I just re-read the "treats" chart and saw NEVER FEED raw beans......does green beans count!!??? Have I poisoned my chicks?
Green Bean are OK. Raw beans refer to pinto/navy etc. That kind of bean.
I did a quick google search for green bean plant toxicity and didn't find anything.

Imp- I used to chop up the sugar snap pea plants after picking
I just planted 4 green bean plants in my raised garden bed, and all 4 were eaten by the end of the day:(. Darn chickens...oh well I'm happy that they found something else to eat...anything for those chickens.
Thanks so much, I feel much better. They really liked them! And I have more green beans growing on the plants still. I thought for sure they were done, we had a soft frost. They'll appreciate the help!

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