Green Cheek Conure babies- NE TN pick up only


10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Church Hill, TN
I have 3 green cheek conure babies that are looking for new homes. Two are yellowsided and one is a pineapple. They have been handfed and are hand tamed. They are recently weaned and are learning how to fledge. They're now eating solid food and have been exposed to a variety of food including scrambled eggs, mixed veggies, beans & brown rice, apples, grapes, and bananas, limited bird seed and sprouts.

They are right now going through a very common nippy phase but we are teaching them "no bite". They know the commands "step up" & "step down".

They love to snuggle down my shirt and to hide under my hair.

They are $125. each. I don't want to ship them so local pickup is preferred.
awww Id love to see pictures... Im too far away for one but I have a sun conure who drives me nuts

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