GREEN colored Albumen (Egg White)???


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I had somebody contact me that asked me a question about something I have never seen or heard of before. He cracked open an egg that was less than 2 weeks old and the albumen (the egg white) was green. Basically, his questions were: What could cause the egg white to turn green? Is it safe to eat?
If I saw green albumen, I'd be thinking it would stink and have bacteria.

That or someone was playing a St. Patty's Day joke on someone.
I don't know for sure..........but am thinking that perhaps the chickens grazed in a clover field or something like that and ate a LOT of greens??? Otherwise I'd expect it to smell funny. But I don't think I'd eat it anyway!!!
Lately, our white eggs (shell) have had this lime green tint egg whites (albumen(. I read somewhere that it is B12, riboflavin. Not sure.
I have thrown away a dozen or more lately. Our chickens are free-range with a ton of fresh greens, including 3 acres of seeds, bugs, shoots, sprouts, etc...

There is no smell, nothing strange, cooks the same, just green! Can someone clarify?

Ask if the chickens have been eating peppers. Certain kinds of peppers and their greens can turn yolks and whites interesting colors. We weeded out all of our exotic peppers due to disease issues and fed them to the birds. We had purple eggs for a week!

sharideboer Are your chickens young layers? Our americanas didn't start out laying blue/green. Some where white or very pale and darkened as they matured.
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All are chickens have been laying for over 2 years.....this is something new that just popped up. These white eggs that a couple of our hens (1/2 polish 1/2 Australorp) are laying with green egg whites. All the Americana eggs (greens/blues) are gorgeous and clear whites. All of our Australorps are laying beautiful brown eggs as well.

Just a couple mixed breeds that lay white eggs (normal in size) with green egg whites...

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