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    I really hated my 10 leg horns so much I nearly got rid of them. They bloodied each other up so badly it really upset me, and did I ever go thru blue cote. They have been laying eggs for about 3 weeks. I can count on 12 to 14 eggs a day, though they only gave me 8 today. one of the eggs was green and i mean a true green tint to it. I am a newbie at chickens and i noticed that one of the baby leg horns had silver legs on her and as she grew up feathers coming out the side of her head and her comb was very very different. I looked up green egg layers and i saw a picture of an americana that looked dead like her. I am so excited, what a treat!! I collect eggs 3 times a day and it is so awesome. These mean spirited WLH have become docile and jump on top of their house and some even let me pet them. To think i was ready to give them away just a few months ago!!

    My BR girls are great too, but not as great as the WLH s are in the egg laying department. I can count on just 5 to 7 eggs a day from the 9 BR's I have put my Henry in with them and have BR n Henry eggs in the bater right now. I had bought all BR but ended up with a dominique that was supposed to be a BR. One of the BR's is laying speckled eggs. I thought it was some sort of diseased egg, but found out it was fine to have speckled eggs.

    I am perplexed by the pen with 2 RIRs 1 delaware, and some other oddball breeds (9 hens and 1 very mean roo) to date zero eggs being laid from the whole pen. I hope they are not all sterile or something. I thought some sort of preditor was stealing my eggs, but I do not see egg shell remnants anywhere so i dont think they are laying yet for some reason. helen the chinese crested barks at them a lot so i am wondering if the barking is stressing them out or something.

    I really do enjoy my 4 white crested polish, and sally the sultan. They live in the castle pen. no eggs but they are a bit younger. my WCP are funny. I feel bad for the roo though because the girls picked at his crest so much it looks like he is wearing one of those jewish hats.

    My fav chicken of all is my darling serama's we have been hatching some eggs and i have the most precious roo who is all white and lives in my living room in a giant aquarium with one lil pulley who we call his wife. my older pullets molly and maya give me 3 or 4 eggs a week apiece. they are so special to me.

    In all my chicken family is at 62 currently. I bought some 7 gallon waterer's a few months ago and i do not like them because the water well has to be cleaned out all the time. I bought some nipples to make a better watering system, but the nipples seem too small so i am going to use them for my seramas and sultan, and polish.

    ? to date i have only had one green egg. how often do Americana lay eggs?
    God bless my country tomorrow on the 10th anniversary of the end of our innocence

    Donna in Branson
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    Congratulations on your green egg! [​IMG] I love the mix of colors in my flock. My Easter Eggers (which is probably what your green egg layer is) lay about 5-6 eggs a week. They sometimes take a while to get going so give her some time unless she free ranges and you think she might be laying somewhere else. [​IMG]
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    My EE lays 6 eggs a week. Today was her day off!

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