Green eggs from her?

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    I've been getting green eggs ever since last year, when I took in a few chickens from a friend.
    Now after raising babies all Spring/Summer, I'm getting a lot more green eggs from these young pullets.
    So I'm just wondering which hen would likely be giving me green eggs?

    Could it be her?

    I'm not smart when it comes to all the different breeds, so I don't even know what she is.
    But I figured it was her, since she's the only one I have like her (also the largest of my hens), and I was only getting a few green eggs at first.

    Here are her babies from this year - that could likely be giving me green eggs too? (exclude the middle one)

    If it's not her, these are the others I got from the lady.

    Or Daisy (not a good picture of her...)

    Daisy is the mother of this girl too (who came with her when I got her)

    There is one other hen too - another one of Daisy's babies, but anyway, you get the idea.

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    With EEs, any of them could be giving you green eggs.

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