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    I know a lot of you folks know a good bit about breed crosses and egg color, so I have a question for all of you. My EE is laying mint green eggs. My rooster is a GL Wyandotte. If I hatched her eggs is there any way to know if the resulting chicks would grow up to lay green eggs. If not is there any particular color they might produce? Or would they revert back to brown?
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    It's a complicated answer because your hen is an EE. Such a mixed pot of genes.

    There is a way to tell via their combs, because when the O gene(for the blue/green eggshells) is linked with pea, it is a very strong one because they are close to each other so they basically pass down more than 90% of the time.

    However, not all pea combed birds have O gene... brahmas, cornish etc and that includes more than a few EE(because they are so "mixed"). So there is a chance your EE hen has one pea NOT linked to O and one pea linked with O, if that is the case you cannot tell until the pullets start laying.

    If your Wyandotte has a rose comb, it will combine with pea to make walnut combs. Your best bet, keeping the above in mind, is keeping walnut combed pullets and hope the EE hen had the right pea comb and O gene linkage. Single and normal rose comb pullets on average are not good candidates. If you get normal pea comb pullets, keep those also.

    Good luck!

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