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My bantam blue cochin/LO mix has green eyes. He is 2 months old, I know his eye color may change, but it sure is neat.
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It is nice to take time out and really see your birds.
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There is one lady that has a bird she invented called aloha and they are supposed to have blue eyes. They are a SFH mix. And she is state side, not in HI.
neat, like one of those white cats, with the odd colored eyes. I have a leghorn/blue isbar roo, he may have a bit of legbar tossed in because of his crest, I will have to check out his eyes...
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He was raised in this little hut, he is now in a diff hut, I just got one Ayam cemani pullet, (she was a trade for a 2 month old Ayam cermani rooster), and bought 3 production red hens, (packing peanuts to keep the AC company.) They are all 3 weeks old and went in to the hut today. I also just surrounded the hut with more chicken wire. This hut was given to me, and the wire looks slightly pushed in, no holes, but the man who gave it to me lost his birds to raccoons (i believe the birds were free ranging at the time and not in the coop.). I am going to beef it up in places. I put tarp on the roof because , although the hut looks cute, and the real roof is metal, I could see areas water was seeping in.
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