Green fluid leaking from ducks mouth


Aug 6, 2021
So I had a duck who got mated it by a goose yesterday I rescued her from the goose but she didn’t seem quite right eyes closed little bit lethargic I saw that there was fluorescent green almost like grass stain on her chest and stupid me thought maybe oh it-grass stain’even though there’s no grass in their pen I sat with her for a few minutes inside the pen she got up shortly there after and walked out well this morning when I Open their doors I noticed the same duck sitting underneath the chicken perch with lots of the green stuff on her chest and I picked her up I noticed the fluorescently green fluid coming from her mouth her whole mouth was stained with it I quickly brought her into the house figuring maybe she had an upset stomach from not eating etc. and while trying to find the medication for upset stomach for waterfowl she passed away in my arms was wondering what you might think happened obviously somethings got ruptured in all my years of raising poultry never had this issue what do you all think it is

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