Green light means GO, right?

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    I was in Home Depot today with my 7 year old, and she begged me to buy a green-tinted CFL light for our post lamp for the holidays. I bought it, got home & realized we have gold-tinted milky glass in the post lamp, so the green wouldn't show. My next idea was that I'd bought a 13 watt compact florescent, equivalent to 60 watt incandescent, just like the one in the coop, so why not switch them out?

    So I switched the white bulb for the green one. It's dimmer in there, but the chickens don't seem to care. It shows through the window facing the house & the 3 windows facing the road. It's our only holiday decoration so far, since winter hit early we didn't get lights up.
    The chooks were able to get food & water & pretty much behaved as they always doo in the evening. Most of them are still awake & eating.

    Will the unnatural green affect their egg laying? I'm getting 12-15 eggs a day from 18 laying pullets. Should I experiment?

    The green light makes the sky outside look pinkinsh, and it cancels out all the pink or red of combs, wattles, & vents, so it may be protective as well. Any opinions?
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    My opinion is it won't make any difference at all. But I really don't have any experience.

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    I've had a red light in my Coop and never had issues.....

    I imagine green would be the same result....

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