Green mouth discharge

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  1. Chickens-246

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    Mar 12, 2007
    My 3+ year old Buff hen is coughing and mouth discharging clear/green and her comb is pale. When I pick her up the discharge almost constantly flows out and it looks like she going to pass out. She had this in a milder form about three weeks ago but the discharge was clear. I treated her with terramycin for three days and she looked fine.

    Gale's Chicken Health Handbook doesn't mention this green mouth discharge.

    What can this be? Or is it time to put her down because of chronic illness?
  2. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    she is older and she has some kind of liver disease
    which is causing her to have bile coming out of her moputh

    you can try giving her some wet mash probiotic
    here are the vit's to crush and put in a wet mash probiotic to help the hen

    Various nutrients are required in order for the liver detoxification to be carried out successfully. An adequate supply of key antioxidants is essential to prevent further liver damage. Milk thistle, vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene, vitamin E,
    give this once a day in wet mash and see how she does

    THIS IS FOR ONE CHICKEN (multiply by the amt of chickens you have to eat this wet mash and Vitamins)

    natural probiotic wet mash
    2 tbp of dry crumbles
    4 tbp of milk sweet, sour or buttermilk
    1 tbsp of non flavored yogurt
    mix good and put the
    vit E liquid as directed in the wet mash
    and crumble the Vit B complex tablet in a tabsp and add to the wet mash
    also each of other vit's crushed in wet mash
    **BESURE AND MIX VIT'S VERY GOOD IN WET MASH*** so all chickens get their share

    (1 Do this twice a day for 7 days to see if the chicken is better
    then do this once a day for another week then once a week for a while
    this should give the nervous system some stability

    (2) she should clean it up in 20-30 minutes

    (3 you can email by PM for more information and include this inf so I remember what is happening

  3. Chickens-246

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    Mar 12, 2007
    I was just watching her in her hospital cage and she doesn't discharge or cough when she is standing up, only when she lays down. She did loose her balance a couple of times while standing.

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