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    I am not tired even though it is 2:04 AM here so I am up finding random information...

    I found this:

    I found the article to be very interesting especially since this project was last updated September 2014 and they mention plans for 2015. I always thought you could probably radio collar a peafowl, and they did it. Anyways the page has a project update that you can download, so I downloaded it to see more information and I will just paste it here for you all:
    Quote: Good to see that the population overall is on the rise.
    Oh and when it mentions that the male has a home range of 27 hectares during breeding season, that equals 66.7185 acres. Quite a big area to patrol.
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    This is great, i would have thought they would use more territory

    Thanks for sharing this is real important stuff they are doing [​IMG]
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    Dec 11, 2011
    Thailand is maybe the best country in Asia for this. Due to the king family which is looking for these protection projects.
    But if the population in some special protected areas are growing, they are decreasing in many other parts of the country due to the loss of habitat. All these countries are pure and growing fast now and these are the consequences of the growth.
    In our countries we have this period behind us, but we had the same situation for the wild animals in our areas. From Thailand I heard that they now have started to control everything stricter maybe the get control soon and this gives some hope.
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    Dec 17, 2011
    Hello MinxFox thanks for your research in the net it is very interesting article.
    It is nearly the same what I observed in the last years here in Thailand.
    Thanks for sharing
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