Green Poo...AviaCharge???

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    While cleaning the coop this morning, I found some poo with darkish blood in it (not bright red). Later, I found poo in the run that is a very dark green color, but no blood. It is slightly watery in some of the droppings, yet firm in others.

    All my pullets (ages 3 months to 5 months) seem fine....all eating, drinking, running around like normal. Their crops look normal, no swelling or odd colors. I sat outside for a while to see if I could see which chicken had the odd poo, but no luck. The only thing different in their diet is I have recently added AviaCharge to their water on the recommendation in another post. Could this have anything to do with the blood and green poo? They do not free range and they only get feed and treats every other day. I haven't added anything new to their treats either.

    I've read a lot of threads about cocci but I'm not sure if this is what they have or not. Should I treat all of them just in case or? Should I take away their AviaCharge water?Any ideas/suggestions would help.

    Edited to add update: I decided to remove the AviaCharge as a test and while out there, I noticed that all the fresh poo in the run is dark green and watched 4 pullets discharging dark green poo. No idea what is going on but they all seem to have it. No more AviaCharge till I figure it out and a big bowl of yogurt for all!
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