Green poop and pale comb

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    Apr 12, 2014
    Hi all, I have 3 chickens and one of them was very sick a couple of weeks ago. I was away overseas and my mum took her to the vet, and she was diagnosed with cocci/worms (even though I do worm them) and was given Baycox and worming meds (wormout gel). I was also told to treat my two other chickens.

    I gave them first course of Baycox last Saturday/Sunday (and first day of second course yesterday) and also the wormout gel. However the past 3 days or so, we've noticed one of them - not the one who was sick, she's fine now and started laying again today - has had pale comb and green poop (we just confirmed she was the only one with green poop last night after I separated her). Her comb was looking very pale, even though it's started to turn a tad darker this morning. I noticed she had diarrhea too this morning (her green poop was watery). She's still eating but doesn't as enthusiastic about her food as the other two. Still walking normally etc (no other symptoms). When I picked her up from her perch last night to separate her, her crop felt empty, although when I put her in a cage with food she started eating straightaway.

    Any idea what she could have? Could it be cocci like the other chicken (she didn't have green poop or pale comb, but was very weak and thin)? If so, shouldn't the first round of Baycox last week have started working already?

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    You may want to give some vitamins and probiotics for a week or so to boost the gut bacteria, and replace vitamins lost with coccidiosis. Try feeding some egg for extra protein. Small amounts of buttermilk can be good for probiotics, and canned tuna is another good source of protein.

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