Green poop, lathargic chicken, help!

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  1. brummiedj

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    May 29, 2016
    Hi, I need some help. Fairly new to this and have been reading these threads and am now very worried.
    I have a black Orpington (Nugget) almost 4 months, she lives in the house in a cage not outside in the coop, but will eventually go outside. However she does go out regularly. Since yesterday she has been very lathargic and her poop is very green and watery[​IMG]

    . I fed her yogurt the previous day and she loved it. Now she just stands up sleeping all day, seems weakand pale, and is not really eating that much. Thought it could be worms but as she lives in the house unlikely! Please help.

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    I really don't know what this could be but I will tell you this. She will certainly die without eating or drinking much. I went thru this with one of mine and the way I saved her was to tube feed her. I got KayTee baby bird formula and mixed it up with water or even can use baby pedialyte. Then I got something called Nutri Drench that you can get at some feed stores or at tractor supply stores. This stuff will revive the dead... literally. It can be detected in the blood in 10 minutes!!! It's very very good. I use it anytime I see she's not eating well. I have a problem hen. She's very thin she just doesn't thrive like the others yet the vets, we've seen 2 of them can't find anything wrong with her??? Go figure. Anyways use the baby bird formula and add about 2ml of this vitamin and tube feed this to her at least a couple times a day. I give mine just usually about 35ml at a time though some say to give even 60ml. Also make sure she's drinking plenty of water or I'd also tube in some water as well besides the water you mix the formula with. This will at least keep her going until you can find out what's wrong with her and treat it. Best of luck with her!!!

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