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    Green Rocks Ordor Mineral has the remarkable ability to stop the noxious ammonia fumes from livestock and poultry. One try of our mineral and you will be amazed by the speed that it traps the fumes and moisture of your birds excrement.

    Use of our mineral in the bedding will reduce ammonia vapors by 85%
    - Reduce moisture to control fly populations
    - Increases the health of the your birds
    - Healthier birds produce more eggs and live longer
    - Less diesease from pathogens
    - No Complaints from neighbours about fumes

    Here is a letter from a High School student taking the Future Farmers of America studies.

    As a member of the San Marcos High School FFA program I was assigned the great honor of letting you know that we really appreciate the green rocks you have let us try out. We are glad to let you that they work really well in keeping the smell down for our animals and to keep there area clean. My name is Eddie ******* and I personally like to use it for my chicken in keeping down the smell and the area clean and the minerals it provides for them as well. I was really glad I used your green rocks and I am looking forward in perhaps buying some more. Well I just wanna congratulate you in your product an its success from everyone here in the Ag. department at San Marcos High School would like to thank you very much. My contact number is (***) ***-**** THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP !!!!!!


    Call us now for more information - Shipping will be determined by location from Valley Center California

    Jeffrey Sargent - Debbie Boston
    760 420 5831
    greenrockscalifornia at
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  2. Please post more information. Do you have a website? How is it used? How many pounds? How much do you use? How long does it last? How much is shipping?

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