Green roof?


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Anybody got one on their coop? My hubby is building me a small coop off the back of his shed so I can keep some Silkies. I was thinking about growing some strawberries or something that smells wonderful, like lavender. I'm concerned the chickens will get up there and scratch a hole into the liner though, which would cause the ceiling to leak. My last group of Silkies weren't big on flying, but that didn't mean they couldn't. So, if you're growing stuff on top of your coop, can you tell me what problems you've encountered with your green roof? I have a feeling it'll just get a tin roof, since I'm already pushing my luck by taking up some of Dh's man cave with my chickens (he's also agreed to add a brooder under a work bench he's putting inside for himself- so much for "you can't ever put chickens in my shed"). I could always plant my flowers on the outside of the run, but I thought a living roof would be neat and a little different from what most were doing. Plus it would make my bantam coop look cute as a button (along with some cute window boxes I'm planning)! So, if your coop roof is alive- could you tell me how you're liking it? Thanks so much!
I'm thinking about doing the same thing with my new coop. My biggest worry is the weight of the roof and the structural requirements to keep it up when it becomes saturated with rain. I'm now ticking about growing some lettuce in gutters that run around the roof, that way the runoff from the coop roof waters the lettuce and I don't have to build as much.

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