Green, split Orangeface Opaline Lovebird 2 months old


Deluxe Dozens
11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
Riverside/Norco, CA
She started out parent raised but I pulled them and hand fed later than you usually do because the neighbor has been jumping the fence and stealing baby birds out of the nest box. She is doing well now, fully weaned, not tame but not totally wild either. She is in with other lovebirds in a small cage for comany and socializing and is doing very well. No shipping. She has already had a hard enough start as it is. Local pickup only. Father is an average Green opaline, mother is large, good looking hen, Orangeface Lacewing, (lutino AND cinnamon in the same bird.) These are all mutations of the Peachface lovebirds, by the way. Located in Riverside, CA, just east of the 15 freeway, off the 91.
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