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Green Watery Poop in Rooster

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by CochinCouture, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. CochinCouture

    CochinCouture Hatching

    Dec 31, 2013
    Hello everyone, I am hoping for some help with my Rooster as I am running out of ideas.
    My rooster ( a very large cuckoo maran, aged 9 months) has been having some greenish, water poop for some time(on and off). He has also developed what I think is Vent gleet, aka nasty chicken butt. I

    I did have an outbreak of coccidia this past summer(confirmed by Purdue during necropsy), so when the liquid poop started again, I put the entire flock in "Coop A" on Corid for 5 days. I have not seen any improvement.

    My rooster also suffered a heat stroke this past summer during a heat wave, despite my best efforts(adding ac to coop, misters in run, providing shady areas, installing a chicken fountain for constant fresh water ;( I was certain he was going to die...He couldnt stand or eat/drink on his own, but I tube fed him and kept him in my bath tub for 2 weeks...Slowly but surely, I did "chicken therapy" with him and he learned to walk again. He was 100% after 4 weeks, and thats when I returned him to the flock.One thing thats sticks out, is when he had his heat stroke, he had green poop just like he does now...However, we are in the cold midwest and it has been freezing, so this is not from heat.

    There is some brown and white crusty build up on the roosters vent. I soaked his bottom in warm water and cleaned the area the best I could. I then put vasoline on the scabby area, trying to see if I could get it off, but it appears to be "in" his skin, meaning if I pull it off it will leave an open sore. It was not like this a few days ago...I will post a pic in a bit. It had warmed up to almost 50 degrees and all the chickens were out all day/..then it dropped to -03 the very next day!!! It was right after that temperature change we started with these problems. For now, I have him and a brahma in the infirmary. She is the only other one acting a bit sick. She also has watery poopy, though its not green at all like his. The rooster also has a little bit of frostbite on his comb.. I am keeping the temp in their at 70.

    I have them on vitamin, electrolyte and probiotic water and am feeding a starter ration.

  2. Try some Probiotic in his water if you have some .....

    I hope you are not giving cracked corn in the summer as this makes them hotter and I have plenty of chickens here in Death Valley Ca. and it got up to 129 F this last summer for two weeks and as cold as 115 F at night and I did not loose one bird to the heat and we haven't much shade or grass .......
    You need to check what you feed in the summer [​IMG]

    All I have is a swamp cooler and it stops working at 110 F [​IMG]

    If you could please tell us what you are feeding your chickens [​IMG]

    gander007 [​IMG]
  3. CochinCouture

    CochinCouture Hatching

    Dec 31, 2013
    No, I do not give cracked corn in the summer...I only give it in little amounts as a treat before bedtime in the winter. The rooster was the only one who had issue with the heat this summer. I only mention it because I wondered if this could somehow be playing to to his current health problem.

    I feed Naturewise Feather Fixer right now to my mature birds...Its a very balanced and appropriate food. When not in molting season, I feed Naturewise Layer crumbles and chicks get medicated chick starter until they are laying.

    I feed treats like yogurt, warm oatmeal, apple and veggies slices, but only in moderation.
    They all free range over a couple acres though, so I am sure they eat other stuff too.
  4. Sounds like you have a well balanced diet plan in place alright, and thank you for the quick response to that part .....

    I had Marans at one time the Big Black Rooster and two Hens and this is a very hardy chicken
    and if possible I put out a short sided pan for them to stand in during the summer time .....

    So lets get back to the back end have you tried to clean his vent area with some soap I use
    a no tears shampoo to clean this area so you can also look for any irritation and just for health
    reasons alone ....... Also do you by chance have any Probiotic to put in his water for a couple
    of days ......
    Yes do not remove any scabs I know I don't like anyone touching mine ......

    And thank you for giving the past summers events .....

    Has your chicken been on any meds in the last month or so ?????

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