Greenfire Farms Jill Rees Cream Legbar adults (only 2 cockerels/pairs left) NPIP--ALL SOLD

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    I have Cream Legbar hatching eggs, adults, and chicks available. They are from pure Greenfire Farms Jill Rees Cream Legbar lines. The Cream Legbar chicken lays blue eggs, has a crest on their head, and is autosexing (you can tell males and females apart at hatch). The parents were hatched in August 2014 and have been laying for a couple months. I already have chicks from them. I am NPIP certified through Michigan. Adults have some variation in color, but have been consistently cream.

    Adults (I only have 2 cockerels left to sell which could be sold individually or in pairs--sorry about the lighting):
    $75 cockerels
    $175 pairs

    If you purchase at least $100 in chicks or eggs (see my other open ad or PM for egg and chick prices), you can also purchase a cockerel at a discount at the lower price of $55 or a pair of adults at the lower price of $150 for the pair.

    I am NPIP certifed and pullorum free, but do not have AI testing. So, I can ship to most states as most states only require NPIP certification. However, a few states also require AI testing-such as Virgina.

    Feel free to private message me or reply to this ad below with any questions.

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    Can you please post egg color photos? Thanks!
  3. tdhenson86

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    It's so hard to capture blue on camera (the "whiter" ones are actually blue). I apologize. It gives you a little idea, though.

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    How much are you asking for fertilized eggs?
  5. tdhenson86

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    Egg prices are as follows:
    $8 each
    $80 a dozen
    $150 two dozen
    Shipping costs $15. I always send extras.
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  6. tdhenson86

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    All cockerels and pairs sold.

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