Greenhouse as Winter-time Run

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    I'll be building a greenhouse soon (approx 10x12) that could be situated to allow my chickens to use it as an indoor run during heavy snows when they will not go outside. The chickens would be able to choose between going out a window to enter the greenhouse or going out their regular door to the outside so they wouldn't be forced to choose the indoor run if they preferred being outside. Is there anything that I should consider before undertaking this project?

    1. I was going to install some kind of screen that could roll down the front of the shelves so I could potentially still grow some winter greens in there and keep the chickens from eating new sprouts. Any recommendations/ideas for what material to use or how to do this?

    2. This greenhouse will also be winter quarters for my rabbits. I'll be putting hay bales in around the perimeter so they can tunnel into those (they won't be caged). Any thoughts about the plan of having rabbits and chickens sharing a space? (the rabbits will be able to hide from the chickens inside their hay bale warren)

    3. I am concerned about the greenhouse heating up their coop in summer. I have good ventilation now but one of their windows would be blocked if I built the greenhouse up against the coop. I'd be installing fans and vents in the greenhouse that could be operated during the summer to decrease the heat...but I worry that they won't be enough.

    Any advice from current greenhouse owners on a reliable brand of greenhouse to use would be greatly appreciated. And, any thoughts on construction design to prevent heating up the coop in summer would be nice, too. To clarify, the existing coop is 6x8 and the greenhouse would share a wall with the coop and also extend beyond it. The shared wall would be the south wall of the coop and part of the north wall of the greenhouse.


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