Greenhouse is producing tomatoes


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In addition to our backyard chickens we built a greenhouse that produces for us all year round.

We picked our first tomatoes for Christmas dinner. Still picking today.

We recyle all the compost and chicken manure to keep the produce pretty well organic.

For those of you that are still enduring the cold, snow and ice, I hope this little bit of green brings some spring to you.
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I have always wanted a greenhouse. Granted I live in the South and can pretty much garden all year round, but it is hard to grow tomatoes in Dec.
Do you have to heat it during the winter or does the sun keep it warm enough for the plants?
I live in noth central Texas. I did have to keep some heat on during the past few weeks when it dropped into the 20s and teens. A propane heater kept it in the mid 50s on the coldest nights. But normally no heat is required.
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Aha, someone around here who does Greenhouses.

We don't have any complete yet, but are working on a few that are 60' x 20' The Tomatoes, Melons, and Peppers that we'll grow in them are waiting and growing in a spare room, heated extra to about 75 degrees F right now. Some of the Peppers are already beginning to bud little flowers.

Can't wait til summer when they bear fruit!! We've got over 30 varieties of Tomatoes, 14 varieties of peppers, and over 12 varieties of Melons.

Best of all - We live in Washington, where it is VERY short seasoned and mild.
I have three sons 6 grandkids, and neighbors that run when they see me coming with produce. Not really they all share and enjoy. I almost forgot the chickens love the leftovers and more if they happen to get in the greenhouse.
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Eat it.
You'd be amazed at how delicious and varied the tomato flavors are out there. . . Especially some of the heirloom purple tomatoes and orange tomatoes.

A lot will be turned into paste, a lot will be eaten fresh, a decent amount will be used for their seeds for next year, and I'm sure we'll get into selling some too. Both in seed form and in eating form.

And of course, a lot will be given to the poultry. We free range our poultry, but will also be supplementing them with extra produce instead of cruddy commercial feed. Last year we didn't get enough produce to do that, but this year we've expanded a LOT.
I want tomatoes!!!!

That silly sandwich thread has got me craving a dripping tomato sandwich with lots of mayo and pepper
....I'm going to put plants in this weekend.
Thanks for sharing, nothing like fresh 'maters!

I just finish a my first cold frame today! Not a full-on green house, but it will be nice to grow from seed instead of from starts. I believe we will be able to grow greens in it throughout the winter except maybe for 3-5 weeks after the winter solstice. I'm planting seeds tomorrow!
I built prefabricated, aluminum frame greenhouses, for four years, and was responsible for keeping the display models current and functioning...We also sold hydroponics....To bad it was during the early 80's recession.

The real problem with greenhouses, in the humid states, is keeping them cool, during the summer. It's almost impossible to drop the temperature more than a couple degrees, by adding more moisture, plus, the fans have to run constantly.
Another small problem is whitefly infestation. Especially a problem with tomatoes....We would have to smoke the house, with some kind of fumigant, occasionally.

They are great for getting a boost on spring, or maintaining some crops, in winter. Hydroponics is fun and very productive, if you're not one of those who is too worried about the difference between chemical and natural fertilizers.

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