greenish legs


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9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
I have 5 5-7 week old chicks
I know that one is a sex-link, two are slikies, one is yellow and I have no idea what she/he is.
The last one is big really big and has green legs, yes green. Well greenish and did I say big?
I have not been on the list long enough to post pics, but I would still like some advise.
Any ideas?

Make some more random posts so you can post pictures, we would LOVE to see that little...boys, BIG legs? LOL! I have 3 EE's and one of my little ones legs are REALLY green, I loooovvveeee EEs! Does your little one have fluffy'puffy cheeks? Feathers that look like a beard coming in?
These 3 are all older now but pics were taken about 5-7 weeks:


And this is my youngest, Dixie at 6 weeks old....
thanks all for your help. My son was worried that we had a pheasant.
This one has quite the build. I do not think we have pheasant but who knows.
When you purchase straight run from the feed store you take you chances.
I will keep posting so that I am no longer new and photos will be in the near future.

Thanks again
Im not sure if this will work of if any one will be able to access the image,
but here it goes

If you can access the photo that way let me know what you think of her/him? Im not sure
Pretty EE!

I can't tell from your photo but does she have puffy cheeks also? Her coloration reminds me of my Welsummers. And yeah, EEs tend to have pretty thick legs for the size of the chick.

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