Greetings and Salutations from Orange County, California!


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
Hi all! Whom of you are in the general area? I think it would be nice to have a chicken network going. :]

Currently in my first flock:
French Copper Black Maran
Olive egger
and a Rhode Island Red!

The last two are the youngest, one is still a chick with the wells being more of teenage. My other girls are around 5 monthish, me getting them at 2weeks on May 17th.

Im considering looking for a Faverolles, for those pink eggs! Id love to have a rainbow basket someday!
I live in the Orange County-adjacent city of Long Beach and looking for someone interested in splitting an order of interesting chicks! Send a private message to me if you're interested to starting or adding to your flock.
I am in Fountain Valley and helping to organize a Meet-up group in Orange County if you are interested, with an event to occur around February. Look under Orange County Chicken Enthusiasts working through the Los Angeles Urban Chicken Enthusiasts Meet-up group.
Hi I am in Modjeska Canyon, an unincorporated part of OC, near Irvine Lake and Orange Park Acres. I am interested in fertile duck eggs, and geese eggs,babies or adults. I am very interested in connecting with other OC members to perhaps swap eggs, ideas and sharing experiences.

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