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Apr 9, 2017
Hi everyone,

I have 17 chickens and 10 ducks

I just lost my lovely buff orpington Henny this past month (RIP ole girl :( ) so I now have 2 buff orpingtons, 2 barred rocks, 1 Columbian Wyandotte, 3 silver laced and 3 golden laced Wyandotte, and 6 Isa Browns.
I have 5 Pekins, 2 blue Swedish, 1 silver Swedish and 2 harlequin ducks ... and I love them all!

My one Pekin Stella has a bad limp, we believe from arthritis, so I'm trying to find out how to help her the best I can. She has been to the vet a couple of times and got liquid meds but this time I'm going to ask about and injection because she hates being caught 2xday to be given meds and it causes her more stress than the limping.

Anyway, it's great to have such a vast community to share with and learn from. Hope you all have a great day!
G'Day from down under Explorr... :frow Nice to Meet You!

Chicken Sympathy.jpg

So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope fond memories bring some comfort.

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